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Founded out of necessity in 2022 after the deterioration of performance art, Lou.Co.Lab (Louisville Collective Laboratory) was created as dance performance collective committed to the enrichment, education, entertainment, and empowerment of both our audience member’s and company dancer’s lives through access to professional live performance opportunities. 

Lou.Co.Lab allows artists to perform, create, and collaborate while staying in their beloved home of Kentucky. Their debut performance on July 31st of 2022 marked the beginning of Lou.Co.Lab's presence in the Louisville community. Since our debut, Lou.Co.Lab has produced another three professional dance performances that unite us all in our humanity, emotions, and the subjective ways we each experience art. 

Lou.Co.Lab is always looking for versatile and trained dancers, choreographers, and movement artists. If you or someone you know wants to participate, please reach out to us via email or instagram. We create a safe, uplifting, and empowering environment for our collective and highly encourage BIPOC and LGBTQ to connect with us.

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