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Directed by Lilly Comstock & Clare Kresse 

Lou. Co. Lab was created out of artistic necessity. 

We exist to play an active role in both the community and the longevity of the arts through professional dance performances. We provide the space and opportunity for artists to create and perform alongside their daily lives here in Kentucky. 

Lou. Co. Lab is a community of versatile, trained movement artists who have chosen to live in Kentucky and desire to build it into the strong, diverse, creative community it can be. Through the professional artistic experiences we provide, our goal is to both keep artists in Kentucky, and draw engagement beyond Kentucky. As a performing arts organization our performances, classes, and rehearsals serve as a medium for artistic growth in both an accessible and safe environment. Lou.Co.Lab and the performing arts at large seek to establish a sense of community. Through Lou.Co.Lab we enrich, educate, empower, and entertain all of those we come into contact with. 

We are able to achieve these goals through performing; uniting our community face-to-face. If you would like to make a contribution to our upcoming 2024 Season and help us continue our mission, you can donate through Venmo @loucolab

Every donation is greatly appreciated and will be put toward theatre expenses, artist compensation, and rehearsal space rentals.

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